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by Matt Redmond

Fuck You, EA

27 Aug 2013

Moore explained that gamers want to be connected for a variety of purposes, including keeping tabs on in-game statistics and achievements, as well as playing online multiplayer.

“So yeah, we don’t deliver offline experiences any more.”

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Remember Me

01 Aug 2013

Remember Me is a good game, which is unfortunate, because it has everything that could make it a great game. It suffers from a strange paradox of being both too ambitious and not ambitious enough.

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Men's Rights. Right?

05 Jul 2013

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while, but hadn’t had the time to get my thoughts sufficiently in order. Now, I don’t have to worry about it, as Richard Carrier has an excellent and eloquent post over at Freethought Blogs which says what I had wanted to say (and says a lot more and far more eloquently than I could).

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A Simple Jekyll Plugin

21 Jun 2013

I wanted a simple way to embed videos on this site, so I decided I’d finally write a plugin for jekyll to do just that. The idea is to provide the share URL and have it converted as necessary, e.g.

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Initial Thoughts on PRISM

13 Jun 2013

So somehow I managed to actually miss the entire scandal as it broke. I only found out anything about it when I got into work on Tuesday (Monday was a public holiday here), and I’m still catching up on it.

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jQuery ".on"

27 May 2013

When using on (which replaces, amongst other things live), the initial selector needs to be declared at load time. For example,

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