December Goals Revisited

Write 500 words per day

Nope. I'd be lucky if I wrote 500 words for the month. What I did do, however, was read a lot. That might sound like a cop-out (and in some ways, it is), but it wasn't just skimming the words. This was about focusing on style and structure and critiquing as I read. Which is, I think, as important to writing as actually putting (metaphorical) pen to paper.

Still, and this is something I shall touch on in a future post, I need to write more.

More on this blog, too

That's been a slightly better achievement. Not as much as I would like to be writing, and nor is it necessarily of the quality I would like to be putting out, but these are both things that will come with time.

Fitness Challenge

12 days, again. Starting over today. Dropping back a level -- there's 6 over all in the app -- the goal now is to do one per month for the first half of the year. (Wife is also supposed to be doing this challenge, so hopefully we'll be able to push each other.)


Grade? C. Improvement needed.

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