I find New Year's resolutions tiresome; either they're so optimistic that they'll never be achieved, or they're so easy that it's not really a push. So when a friend shared this article on Facebook, I thought it was an interesting approach. Rather than setting a specific goal (or a goal so nebulous as to be meaningless), it focuses on a particular word, which becomes your focus for the year. For me, that word, is "write".

It covers a myriad of things, all of which have been things I have done (or have meant to do) in the past, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

It means writing more on this blog.

It means working on (and hopefully finishing) my novel. (There's more than one, but I'm at least dedicated to working on just one at a time.)

It means writing music again. I used to write music all the time. Without the stimulation of the band, that has fallen away. (I'm still in other bands, but not writing for them at the moment.)

It means working on (and hopefully finishing a first pass of) the musical I'm working on.

It means writing more code. Yeah, that's my day job, so it's kind of a given; however, I want to spend a bit more time focusing on projects that interest me. More time focusing on server-side programming. More time focusing on game programming.

So 2017 is, for me, the year of "write".

Matt Redmond

Musician, composer, actor, engineer, pirate.

Adelaide, Australia