I Am

Reading Amy Roth's A Tale of Two Sessions, something I was unaware of:

[Trump] announced the forming of an org called VOICE set up for “victims of immigrant crime” to make reports against, yeah, you guessed it, immigrants... What Americans need is a faster, easier way to deport that pesky neighbor you don’t like for whatever reason you can think of, so you can get them removed or placed in a private prison. Trump’s deportation plan states the intended removal of immigrants “accused of crimes” even if they haven’t been convicted.

I am reminded, not so much of the Nazis (though it's very much a move from their playbook), but a Savatage song I Am, from 'Dead Winter Dead', set in Sarajevo.

I see a little man thinking that he might need more
And so his eyes are drifting to the house next door
He wonders if his neighbours might be leaving.
So he makes a little offer that they'll understand,
There is no point in letting things get out of hand
Cos no-one wants to see their widows grieving.

Matt Redmond

Musician, composer, actor, engineer, pirate.

Adelaide, Australia