The Biggest Losers

...are the people who get sucked in to appearing on these shows. While I'm not a qualified trainer, wife is, as are several friends, and every single one of them despises what The Biggest Loser does to people. It's unhealthy, both physically and psychologically.

And then you have this:

"Unfortunately, many contestants are unable to find or afford adequate ongoing support with exercise doctors, psychologists, sleep specialists, and trainers — and that’s something we all need to work hard to change," [the show's doctor, Robert Huizenga] said in an email.

The show does this to people. At the very least, they could provide some minimal level of ongoing care.

But no, once the season is over and the talk show circuit is done, you're no longer ratings material.

Matt Redmond

Musician, composer, actor, engineer, pirate.

Adelaide, Australia