Uber and Under

Given that the ride-hailing service is losing money to scale with its growth (rather than reducing its losses), I can't see how the service can support itself much longer. Especially with the following.

Another comes forward.

I was not prepared to deal with the abuse and dehumanizing treatment I received from my supervisors and colleagues at Uber. Uber finally broke me by destroying my dignity as a human being, and reduced my aspirations by attaching their worth them (sic.) to a female reproductive organ. Like they did to Susan, Uber killed a part of me that was most precious.

I doubt Susan and Amy's stories are unique; I expect many more will come forward, not to mention the many more who do not.

Avoiding the authorities:

Greyball was part of a program called VTOS, short for “violation of terms of service,” which Uber created to root out people it thought were using or targeting its service improperly. The program, including Greyball, began as early as 2014 and remains in use, predominantly outside the United States. Greyball was approved by Uber’s legal team.

As John Gruber so eloquently put it:

Trump administration: No organization can keep up with the pace at which we’re committing scandals.

Uber: Hold my beer.

Matt Redmond

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